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Hi, I’m Kate, a life coach for moms, and I help busy mamas create intention in their days and turn their dreams into an action plan.

I’m a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, and I work with moms just like you to support and guide them from chaotic, survival mode to a very intentional life plan. I’m a mama of 3 myself, and my intentional living and motherhood journey has been full of ups and downs and plenty of learning mistakes, so I know what you’re going through. Since those early chaotic mothering days, I’ve created my own system for balancing all of the challenges of motherhood and home while rapidly achieving my personal goals (because *spoiler alert* those dreams you’ve always had didn’t die when you become a mother).

My approach centers around helping you visualize your perfect future, find and nurture your strengths as a mama and individual, and provide you with very specific tools that will allow you to shift old habits and create the life you desire. Coaching is different from counseling as we won’t spend time talking about or analyzing your past. Instead, we work as a team to create your future. If you’ve ever felt like your life is out of control or passing you by, you would probably really benefit from coaching.

Coaching is a form of self-care and will probably be the best investment you can make in yourself and your family.

I know firsthand that as women, we struggle to invest in ourselves. The kids need new shoes, the hot water heater is about to go, and another unexpected bill came in the mail. I get this 100%. Until you shift your thinking and create a new path for yourself and your family, this will continue to be your normal. Women who invest in themselves see radical results; let me help you transform your life to be more peaceful and purposeful.

See my pricing below to make sure this is a commitment that’s right for you in this season of life.

Coaching Rates

8 session package

  • 8- 60 minute sessions to be used over four months
  • unlimited email/text support
  • customized resource guide after each call
  • $300/month paid over 4 months*

The intensive package

  • for women looking for rapid and transformative life changes
  • 1 initial 90 minute intake call
  • 5 follow up 60 minute weekly calls (to be completed over 6 week period)
  • individualized “homework” for making fast habit shifts and identifying goals
  • unlimited email/text support
  • customized resource guide after each call
  • $799/package (best value; can be divided up into 2 payments if needed)*

*10% discount if package is paid in full by first appointment. Other payment plans offered, lets work together to make one that fits you and your family’s needs.


One conversation.  That’s all it took.  I met Kate through Instagram when I was exploring the idea of full-time travel as a single mom of triplets.  While that idea didn’t end up being a good fit for our family, I was really feeling lost about where we WERE headed.  I wasn’t making enough money to feel comfortable, was working all the time, and felt overwhelmed with my life.  Kate offered to have a phone conversation with me, which ultimately turned my life upside-down.  At the time, I really thought I was doing what was best for my kids, even though life wasn’t working for ME.  Kate very sweetly, but firmly said “Your kids deserve a happy mother.”  That one line woke me up.  I agreed and immediately started making plans.  In five short months, I’ve moved from a city that wore me out, to a city I absolutely adore.  I’ve gone from having no money in the bank and barely making ends meet, to having savings, enough money to live on and plenty left over to realize my dreams of traveling with my family.  I’ve gone from having almost no adult interaction to having all the friends I need.  Having that one conversation with Kate made such a difference because she was empathetic to my situation.  I felt like she was really hearing me, both the reality of my situation and the cry of my heart.  Then, she took all that I said and was able to help me turn it into practical steps I could take to change my life.   I now joke “be careful what you wish for!” because my life is so full.  Good full.  My kids deserve a happy mother.  They’ve got one now and as a result, the whole family is thriving too!  Thank you, Kate!

Lael B., Michigan

Working with Kate has quite literally changed my life. I know this line is thrown around often but I mean it wholeheartedly. I came to Kate with low self confidence and no self belief. I wanted to try something different as my children will all be at school soon but I could not get my head and heart to align. I was filled with fear. Kate changed all of this the very first time we spoke. She was gentle and kind, asking questions and listening without judgement to my ramblings. With every interaction we had, I felt a strong sense of advocacy for me and my abilities. I feel emotional and grateful for the support Kate provided me. It’s not like I don’t have supportive people in my life, I do. I have a wonderful husband, children, parents and life-long friends. But Kate’s fresh eyes and heart could see me differently. But by bit Kate increased my confidence and self esteem. Through our coaching my fear decreased. The exercises Kate provided revealed my true passions and have now set me on a path to begin my own business. Without Kate, this little dream I’d pushed down inside would have been unlikely to ever happen. Ever. It is because of Kate that I am changing my story. I now have a plan. I am excited and driven to work on my business to make myself proud, and my family too.

Kirsty, Australia

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