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Today’s episode of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast features Kelsey Wharton, fellow podcaster, creative, and mom of 2. You may know her from the Girl Next Door Podcast with Erica Ladd, from her blog Rising*Shining or from the podcast she shares with her husband, Matrimoney. Kelsey has spent the majority of her adult years working in a full-time job outside the home as an academic science research writer and only recently quit to focus on her non-fiction book proposal. We discuss what it was like for her to experience both working outside the home and in it as well as how she prioritizes her creative work. She offers a litmus test for whether or not the work you’re doing is worth continuing and how limiting labels, such as stay at home mom or working mom, can be. Kelsey also shares time organization strategies and her favorite life hacks for making time for what matters most. We had such a fantastic conversation that I am sure Kelsey will be back on the show again in the future!


Kelsey’s “Cookie Date” inspo from Cup of Jo: Read the article “ A Secret to Happy Marriage”

Kelsey’s planner: Get to Work Book

Additional books to read on women, work and time management: I Know How She Does it and 168 hours, both by Laura Vanderkam (**affiliate links)

Kelsey’s blog: RISING*SHINING

Kelsey on Instagram: @kelswharton

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