EPISODE 04: Creating a Healthy Home with Rosica Petrova of Home of Wool


What would you do if your newborn baby was sick and you suspected you knew the reason? How far would you go to help your child be healthy and also use your knowledge to benefit other people? That’s the big question that my guest, Rosica Petrova, asked herself when her son was born. She was a mother on a mission, seeking answers to his problems and —when no one else could solve the problem— she did herself, ultimately leading to the founding of her company, Home of Wool.

What I loved about chatting with Rosi is her passion for creating a healthy home. Rather than share platitudes, she has the real life experience and the expertise to back it up. She shares the latest research on what toxic materials you should avoid in your home, the best choices for creating a healthy home, and one super easy step you can do today, no purchase necessary.

As I mentioned in the interview, I am very passionate about creating a healthy home environment for my family, which is how I came across Rosi and her business in the first place. My family and I were looking for mattress alternatives to conventional options and her gorgeous, handmade wool mattresses were everything I had dreamed of to create a healthy and non-toxic sleep environment for my family. That was a huge step to take and there are so many other little tweaks you can make to improve your home environment.

Stay tuned to this page as I will continue to update it as I publish more resources on creating a healthy home environment for your family.

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