EPISODE 10: Overcoming Roadblocks to Pursue Your Dreams

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Have you ever spent some time thinking about what you really desire out of your life? What would your ideal life look like and how would you use your time? Sometimes it can feel hard to even think like this because of perceived limitations, whether real or not. Sometimes it can feel hard to think about our own dreams when we’re part of a partnership and are worried about how our partner might handle our dreams. And sometimes we might find it hard to think about our own dreams when we have so much responsibility on our shoulders, children to care for, a home to manage, and work to complete. Maybe you have a dream or idea on your mind but worry about the financial aspect of it, would it cost to much, would it use up your family’s precious resources, OR, if it’s a business idea, can I be profitable? In Episode 10, Kate shares a her journey to creating a life that she truly love and offers some practical advice for working through your own limitations.

In this episode:

  • What to do if you’re feeling resistance to this topic

  • Why Kate was drawn to living small, traveling, and creating a community of women thriving in motherhood and life

  • Create a dream life by imagining how all of your different values and interest can work together

  • Why travel isn’t enough for Kate and how she figured out what was missing from her life

  • How to avoid allowing your path to be steered by an idealized view of yourself and motherhood (listen to Episode 2 for more.)

  • Move beyond tidy boxes that force your identity into one side or the other; it’s okay to be unique and outside the box!

  • Need help figuring out your dreams? Head here to work with Kate.

  • Limiting beliefs:

    • What if my partner isn’t supportive or it impacts our relationship?

    • How can I pursue my dreams when everyone and everything is depending on me?

    • I don’t have the time or money to do what I want and feel stuck.

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