EPISODE 09: When You're Sleep Deprived...

The Streamlined Motherhood Podcast

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast. Today’s episode is ALL about rest, the kind of rest that you’ve been majorly craving for yourself. Rest isn’t for when your kids are older, when your baby sleeps through the night, or when you aren’t working a full-time job. In this episode, Kate shares practical ways to find more rest now, regardless of your situation. Ready to hear more?

In this episode:

  • How Kate finally hit her breaking point with busyness and what she did to change course

  • When the way you live your life doesn’t reflect your values

  • Why “no” should become your new favorite word

  • how to find rest even when it seems impossible, even when you are called to raise kids, to work, and to nurture relationships

  • Why your body desperately needs rest

  • What to do if your life seems to busy for rest

  • How to handle kids who don’t sleep and get your rest too

  • Can you think of any activities you currently participate in that are a drain on your life?

  • How to find creative solutions for juggling work and your own self-care


Read this article on why rest is so important for your body.

F.lux app for Windows or Mac  (this is what I use on my Macbook when working in the evenings. The only thing that I struggle to do with it is edit photos--because the colors aren’t true--so I save photo editing for mid-morning when blue light exposure is normal.) I also heard that the newest Mac update (Nov 2018) includes a blue light filter.

Twilight on Google Play (this is what I use on my phone, and it’s been a huge help! I notice a big difference if I have it turned off, and I make sure every evening around dinner time that it’s turned on.)

I’ve been planning to get these blue light filtering glasses for myself and my family so that we can watch family movies in the evenings and not have it interrupt our sleep. (**affiliate link)

If you need help trouble-shooting your schedule to prioritize rest, learn how to set boundaries with others, and create a life you love, let’s work together 1 on 1. I’m currently accepting new mamas into my Motherhood Support coaching program. Head here for more info or get on my schedule for a FREE 30 minute session.

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