EPISODE 07: Patience in Motherhood

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Ever feel at the end of your rope with your kiddos? Wish being patient came easier to you? In Episode 7 of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast, Kate is sharing ways to overcome and confidently handle the events that trigger impatience. This is not your typical “count to 10 in your head to calm down” episode, but REAL recommendations to meet you where you are in your parenting journey.

In this episode:

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Tips for Finding Your Patience

  • Slow down and connect with your child when giving direction. Touch her shoulder, hold her hand, and make eye contact.

  • Take care of yourself and meet your needs regularly so you aren’t triggered by them. Some questions to ask yourself:

    • Am I getting enough rest? Eating well? Not too hopped up on stimulants?

    • Am I moving and expressing my emotions and physical needs?

    • Do I get breaks to be an adult separate from my kids?

  • When you’re feeling frustrated, put yourself in time-out and use that break to cool down and mentally reconnect to your child.

  • Process any emotional issues, stresses, and worries separate from your child; do this so you don’t dump your negative energy on them if you find yourself losing your patience

    • Morning pages: 3 pages or 10 minutes of stream of consciousness writing first thing in the morning. Get all that mental gunk out so you can feel mentally prepared to parent.

    • Check-in regularly with a partner, friend, family member, therapist, or coach to get the emotional support you need.

      • If you are needing someone who can support you in your motherhood journey, let’s chat! You can sign up for a free 30 minute call with me on my website at www.thestreamlinedlife.com/coaching

  • Know Your Triggers

    • Become hyper-aware of what triggers you regularly and causes you to lose your patience

    • Re-frame your child’s frustrating behavior and find the NEED behind it

    • Be present as much as possible with your child to avoid triggering impatience

  • Hugs fix everything!

    • Show lots of love to your child to create a deep connection that will help you weather the more trying moments.

    • If you’re struggling to stay present, spend some time contemplating why you feel the need to escape? Are you unhappy about something and need additional support?

    • Give yourself grace on those bad days and know that tomorrow is always a fresh chance to do better. Motherhood is not a competition to be the perfect mom. You are the mother your kiddos need, so just be there. That’s all.

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