My 35 by 35 List (or How I Plan to Cram All My Bucket List Experiences into One Year)

Not quite a bucket list, but my list of 35 experiences I would LOVE to have before my 35th birthday. I’ve got less than a year…..wanna join in on the fun? Read more…

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6 Days….

In 6 short days, my husband Kirk will be finished working at the hospital. For good (I hope.) And in 6 days, the way we approach our work, our time, and our family will also change. And if it wasn’t for all of the legwork we began nearly 3 years ago, when I had my […]

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2016 Annual Review and 2017 Intentions: Good-Bye Hustle, Hello Quiet

Warning: super-long post! As I look forward to the start of 2017, I am also very aware of the mistakes and triumphs of this past year. And as I took some time these past few weeks to truly reflect, I saw certain patterns emerge and also identified a slightly different course for this new year. […]

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