We Finally Staged and Listed Our Small House!

Earlier this fall, Kirk and I agreed that we would list the house by our daughter's birthday and then celebrate by heading to Madison, Wisconsin for the weekend. We somehow pulled it off (which made me an even bigger believer in the power of our thoughts and intentions) and the house got listed TODAY. Whoop whoop!

I'm not going to share the actual listing, but I thought I would share some of the photos that my dear photographer friend, Jillian Pancini, took of the house. She's basically a rockstar and if you live in Chicagoland or Michiana, you should totally hit her up for some photos.

So just a word about these photos. The little brick house is very staged. We removed lots of toys, furniture, and anything personal, so keep that in mind. This is not how we actually lived in the space. I'll write a post soon about all of the things we've decluttered in anticipation of hitting the road, so subscribe and keep an eye out for that post! And if you want to see how it looked when we first bought it, head here.

Without further ado, our 675 sq. foot house in all its glory:






Hope you enjoyed our tour of our little house! It's been a great run over the (nearly) two years of ownership, and we filled those walls to the brim with memories. Time to move on to our next adventure!