When Creativity Spills Over and Becomes Something More

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When we bought our little house we intended to put down some roots and live the small town life. There is so much beauty in knowing your neighbors, supporting your local businesses, and carving your initials in the proverbial tree.

As Kirk and I have buckled down in our personal projects, his the music and mine Cohesive Home and writing, we've seen massive growth and positivity stemming from our creative pursuits. But it hasn't always been easy, and I'm not sure it ever will be.

The beginning of this year, even the first 7 months, were SO HARD. We had a baby, had so many unexpected expenses, new bills, and just LIFE.

It almost swallowed me whole. I lost myself in a swirling sea of doubt and negativity.

But I've cleared my head by opening the windows and letting fresh air be a balm to my wounds.

Creativity is swimming out of our pores, it's tugging at our sleep, and peeling our eyes wide open in the morning. It's notebooks full of wild notes and ideas, it's phone calls and text messages with brilliant brainstorms, and it's love finding roots in a den of creativity after ten years of marriage.

Our small home isn't making us creative, we are making a creative home together, and this mindset and lifestyle will follow us even when we leave this home someday.

And who knows? Someday may just be right around the corner....


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