Scamp 5th Wheel BEFORE and AFTER

I've been meaning to write up a tour post, of sorts, and share our space with you all. I also meant to take more photos as well as offer some "before" shots. Well, this may not be the big "reveal" that design shows have gotten us all accustomed to, but I hope it works. ;)



As you can see from the before photos, it was very dated and heavy oak and plaid. Some may be into that look, but we wanted to modernize and freshen up the look. See what we did below!


So that's the big tour! It's not always the clean (ummm....maybe never), but I hope you enjoyed a peek inside. Here's a quick rundown of the updates we did:


  • painted all of the cabinets white and sealed with poly
  • new knobs
  • new latex cushions with hand sewn (by yours truly) organic Two Sisters Ecotextiles fabric covers
  • added a wool mattress to the loft
  • new tires and wheels
  • a deep clean

That's it! Never underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint and clean floors.

Would you remodel a travel trailer or have you ever? Did you live to tell the tale? :) Share below!

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