Trading Up to a Lance 2185 Travel Trailer


Just a few months into full-time travel, and we've bought a new travel trailer. Yes, you heard that right. The Scamp 5th wheel was cute and utterly inefficient and cramped for a family of 5. We are fairly adventurous, but I was getting pretty tired of keeping the baby from climbing on the stove or falling out of the loft. Plus, I'm all about minimalism, but the messes were impossible to stop. Every day we shuffled the crap from one end of the Scamp to the other simply to make meals, change the dinette into a bed, homeschool, etc. It was making me wonder if we made a mistake traveling, but we aren't ready to stop traveling either!

About a month ago we put a deposit down on a brand new Lance 2185. But we got cold feet about the value we would lose the moment we drove it off the dealer lot. So we canceled that deal and told ourselves to be content with the Scamp.

Yea, that lasted about a nanosecond.

Two weeks ago we found ANOTHER Lance 2185 and this time a 2016. The great thing about it is that it is still pretty new, but wouldn't depreciate as much. The deal moved very quickly and last week we drove to Seattle to pick it up!


We LOVE it. Yes, it's very brown and traditional inside, but it has a queen size bed. With sides that one can walk around if they are so inclined. Sides! It has triple bunks, which means my poor children no longer have to share a bed like characters in a Dickens novel. Lap o' luxury, you guys.


Can you believe this side by side? It's almost laughable how tiny the Scamp is in comparison. Don't get me wrong, the Scamp 5th Wheel would be perfect for just about anyone......who doesn't have 3 kids. :)


Most importantly, we realized through this whole experience that appearances and what's "cool" matter a lot less than being comfortable in our full-time home. We can see ourselves staying in the Lance 2185 for a long, long time.

I'll share some photos of it soon, but for now we're getting settled and enjoying our new place. More soon!