2005 Scamp 19 5th Wheel Tour + Design Plans

camper mood board.jpg

What a month it's been, and we're barely two weeks into February! I'm going to share an update on our lives and travel plans in my next post, but first wanted to tell you all about our beauty of a fiberglass camper, our 2005 Scamp 5th wheel.



As some of you may know, we love Airstreams and this love affair has been going on for nearly four years. I'm pretty sure everyone assumed we would get one, and we did too after spending some time in a 23D in November.


However, all along I had this feeling that we would end up in a Scamp 5th Wheel; I can't explain it, but it was where I could truly see our family living and exploring on the road. I had never even seen one in person, only in photos on the internet. They are crazy hard to find, but I had been watching for one since March 2017. We also LOVED our Casita and were really missing it.


Then right after we got home from our Disney trip, I was randomly scanning rvtrader.com, and I found a 2005 Scamp 5th Wheel! (Tip: if you're looking for a fiberglass camper, don't look on the fan websites or you'll have to compete with all the other fangirls and boys, paying a pretty penny. If a fiberglass camper ends up at a dealer, they will typically charge much less than a private owner that knows their true value. We've found both our fiberglass trailers, the Casita and now the Scamp, through rvtrader.com.)

When I saw the price and that it was only 5.5 hours from us, I immediately called on it. I believe that our intentions have power and all those months I spent visualizing us in a Scamp 5th Wheel brought this one to us!


I'm so excited to share our plans for our trailer! But first, a quick "before" tour video:

(Note: I would love for you to subscribe to our channel on YouTube; I promise I'll get better at my video skills.)


  • Paint all of the cabinets and cabinet boxes white to blend in with the fiberglass
  • Replace all of the foam cushions on the dinette and bunks with latex and organic "ocean" blue fabric from Two Sisters Ecotextiles
  • Remove cushions from loft area and fit our wool mattress to the area
  • Add a custom sitting desk to the loft area where I can podcast, write, and work
  • Replace the flooring with cork or marmoleum
  • Replace or refinish all of the hardware and lighting
  • Add a new finish to the dinette table
  • Chalk paint the interior of some of the cabinets for list-making like weekly menus, To Do's, etc.
  • Add shelving to area by kids bunks for storage


  • replace any rusting hardware
  • add new tires and wheels
  • add new axle with slight lift
  • add solar panels
  • paint bottom half of camper and buff top half, possibly remove decals

So we've got quite the list! I'm sure it will change some between now and when we leave on the road. We're planning to do some of it now (like the cushions and wheels/tires/axles) and the rest in warmer weather once we've left in mid-March.

Have you ever seen a Scamp 5th Wheel before? If you travel, what's your rig? Share below!