Complacency Is Never the Answer

complacency post.png

Complacency is never the answer. It keeps us rooted in situations that we outgrew long ago, like a too-small shoes that we continue to squeeze our feet in. Complacency tells us that it's okay to to stay in that job we hate, to keep living in a home we cannot afford, and to keep sending our kids to a school in which they are not thriving. Complacency is the bowl of ice cream in life, always there to cheer us up, if only for a little while.

How is complacency showing up in your life?

I'll give an example for ours. Getting our house ready to sell while working and taking care of three little kids feels impossible. Even though we don't love our house and are ready to move on, painting and de-personalizing it makes me feel sad. It's hard to let go. Change marks the distance between who we once were and who we are yet to become.

It's in these situations that complacency visits and says "hey, wouldn't it be easier to just keep things the way they are?"

Have you ever felt that way about something in your life? Do you find yourself avoiding change because it's uncomfortable?

The deal is that we ALL do this to some extent because it's far easier to be comfortable and stay in what is known that to venture into discomfort and the unknown. However, no worthwhile, life-giving change can happen if you're stuck in old patterns and habits.

I am uncomfortable with leaving behind what I know. But I have a deep desire to see what's out there in this world, to conquer my fears, and grow into who I know I can be. Our lives are for living, and we've got a world of adventures left to experience.

Do you feel complacent about an area of your life? What would it take to change it? Let us know below or send us an email!