So many people have reached out to us, via Instagram and email, wondering what our plans are for this year. I am so grateful to have such a supportive community, and now that we know a smidge better what we're doing, I'm ready to share more!

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

We bought our new tow vehicle, a Toyota Tundra Crewmax on 12/23 in Ohio. It was a whirlwind 24 hours to drive out there, test drive it in the snow, buy it, and drive back to Indiana to be home in time for Christmas Eve. We made it happen!

We're picking up our new to us travel trailer this Friday, January 5th in Wisconsin. I cannot wait to share more about the incredibly unique trailer we found and our design plans to make it OURS.

When we get back, it's all hands on deck to get our house ready to sell! Even though we seriously batted around renting it out, we think selling it and having a clean slate will be best. Plus, I just don't think we're ready to be landlords; we like to keep our commitments on the light side! We will have the house listed in the next 2 weeks.

We will also be working on the trailer at the same time to make it into a home for us. Depending on how selling the brick house goes, we hope to hit the road in late March or early April and head west. Kirk's brother and wife live in San Diego, and we would love to spend some time with them!

2018 Travel Plans

March-June | Head West, meander through Oklahoma to visit friends and family, spend a few months in Southern California.

July-August, maybe September | Make our way back East, visiting friends and family along the way and Kirk playing shows ( contact us if you want a house show and visit from us!)

Fall/Winter 2018 | Possibly take a speech travel rotation in Hawaii and spend 3.5 months there!

So that's it! We don't have a firm plan because we know from experience how quickly plans can change. Our goal is to hold these plans loosely in our hands and be open to new opportunities that may unfold once we're on the road.

If you're interested in pursuing this sort of lifestyle and have questions, we would love to help! Send us an email at thestreamlinedlife@gmail.com and let's connect. Also, listen to episode 42 on overcoming fear from the Cohesive Home Podcast.

What's something cool you want to make happen in 2018?