Why We're (Mostly) Not Upset We're Getting Slammed with House Repairs


Let's just call it like it is: 2017 will most likely go down in history as the year the little house gave us a run for our money. Quite literally. And you know what? We're actually okay with spending the money, and let me explain why. But first, here's the lowdown on what has and is getting repaired or replaced:

  • GAS PIPES | this one isn't sexy, but was a pretty serious repair. A few weeks ago I got a faint whiff of gas next to our stove. We later determined that our old stove is crap, and that's why it smelled. BUT, I called our local utility company to be safe. Twenty minutes later they were out here checking our whole house over and found 8+ leaks throughout the property. Seriously! It was so dangerous that they not only shut-off our service, but completely disconnected the meter from our house. For reals. So we had to replace ALL the gas lines within the house before service was turned back on. And it's done, everything is safe, but then that brought us to the next problem.....
  • WATER PIPES | Our plumber noted that our pipes are in pretty bad shape, which we knew. We somehow skirted a major plumbing issue at our house in OKC that we thought we would need to do and then didn't. Well, karma apparently came calling and multiple pipes in our basement (the big one being the main line between our kitchen sink and laundry) started leaking. So early this next week the plumber is returning to replace ALL the water pipes and add a new water heater as well. (We are so good for his business!)
  • WINDOWS | Our windows are old, leaky, and in pretty poor shape. We haven't gotten a quote yet, but replacing all of the windows in our home is next on the list, along with.....
  • HVAC | Our furnace is 30+ years old (seriously) and we do not have A/C. We currently use a portable A/C unit, which is surprisingly effective in cooling our small house. It's just a bit of an eyesore in the living room. We paired it with a dehumidifier in our basement to keep the house dry during the humid summer months. When we replace the furnace with something more energy-efficient then we'll also add the A/C at the same time.
  • KITCHEN | We need to replace the leaky oven ASAP as well as our incredibly old refrigerator. We plan to replace those with apartment-size models as well as add a dishwasher (cannot wait for that one!) And although we did a small kitchen makeover early this year, taking down cabinets and adding open shelves, we plan to replace all the lower cabinets with IKEA ones (these are my fav) and put in new counter-tops and flooring. This kitchen makeover will be the last thing we do since the other updates are more crucial in the next 6 months or so.

Why We're Not Upset at all the $$$ We're Spending | Well.....I'm a tad bit upset as I really hate spending money at all. BUT I see all of these updates and fixes as a major step toward our plan to travel more. We recently met the Schillers, the family behind the Art Pantry who just wrapped up their Airstream's Endless Caravan tour. We found out that they regularly rent out their house on AirBNB to make extra income. We were kicking around the same idea and hearing their positive experience with it really helped us commit to the idea. We love our beach town, and we know others would too. So we're hoping that knocking out all the necessary house updates will make this home desirable by vacationers in the area.

We also recognize that we got a killer deal on this home, as in, we spent less on it than we would have a brand new Airstream! It's still incredibly mind-boggling to me (granted our house is the size of a shoebox, so that may be part of the low cost...) And while it doesn't have wheels to take us to cool places, renting it out will make it possible for us to fund our travels more consistently. Once we get ALL the necessary updates done, we still will have spent less on this house than we did on our last one, by a large margin. So while our wallet is crying, we know that this is an investment that will pay off in the long-term.

And finally, keeping our family safe while living here is worth the cost. I don't ever want to save money at the risk of causing damage to my family or anyone who visits us. I don't mess around with gas or water leaks and having heat in the winter is pretty darn important too. If we can DIY the kitchen on a small budget, then I'll just consider that icing on the cake.

So in the end, we wish we didn't have to spend so much $$$, but we're glad it puts us on the right track toward renting our home out and chasing the sun.

Okay, who's getting on the list to stay in the little house AirBNB and get some beach time once we get it up and running? ;)


**this post contains affiliate links to products that we genuinely love and use. We may get a teeny tiny kickback if you buy it, and it helps our family get closer to our dream of traveling.