A Love Note to New Parents


written by: Kate **

If you're a new parent, you may be wondering if this is it. These bleary-eyed, sleepless nights that roll into days in which you're not sure what you did, but you were BUSY. You love your little person something fierce, but how is it possible that something so TINY could need so much of you?

You may have had a fulfilling job before and a life that made sense. Or maybe you didn't have a job you cared for, but you did things that matter, spent time with other adults, and smelled better than you do now. Now your days are filled with endless rounds of feeding, burping, baby cry-managing, and what you wouldn't give for just 15 minutes to REST.

But this job that you're doing now, caring for and loving on this little human? It matters. It matters because raising another being is damn hard and infinitely important. You will screw up, you'll wonder if they'll need therapy as an adult, and you'll question yourself and how you got to this point. This is all normal. You may feel lost or sad or isolated. And while those feelings are normal, if you cannot get out of bed or feel numb, seek help. It is always better to ask for help than not because YOU matter too.

One day you'll feel like the nonstop demands of caring for a newborn will never end and the next day you'll take a shower again, meet a friend for coffee, and wear clothes without an elastic waistband (and that goes for the papas too!) You may roll your eyes when the grandmas in Target longingly pat your babe and say this, but it's true: the days fly by.

But today. Today is hard, today is REAL and you just need to get through it. And the next. So do this for me:

Go through the drive-thru and get a monster-sized coffee

Put your feet up and let the dishes gather in heaps

Order take-out for lunch and dinner

Ask for help

And give that sweet new babe a kiss and a snuggle and thank them for making you a mama or a papa. Because you just hit the job jackpot. Leave on the sweats and revel in the newness of the person you've become and who you will be. Because this new relationship? It will leave you forever changed.

Just don't forget the coffee. Always coffee.

**DISCLAIMER: This post brought to you by a fellow sleep-deprived new parent; all typos courtesy of limited time and bleary-eyes.

What advice would you add to this love note to help a fellow new parent?