February 2017 | Around Here Lately


The beginning of January felt extraordinarily busy. I had my online class to revive and begin teaching again, we made goals and intentions for 2017, and Kirk quit his job. We explored ideas for our future, which as many of you know, sometimes the planning can be as tiring as the execution. By the end of the month I craved rest. And so I've been taking some time off from social media and writing. Did you know that it's a lot easier to get everything done that you want to when you have less distractions? Somehow I find it incredibly hilarious that I'm still learning that lesson over and over again.

Kirk is in the recording studio right now, laying down tracks for his EP. He's living-breathing music, sleeping in the studio, staying up into the wee hours hashing out ideas with the producer. He's in his element, and this makes me very happy that we pushed for him changing jobs and our overall lifestyle. Can't wait to hear the finished result and share it with you all.

C turned 3 in January, which feels impossible. We've crammed a lot of adventure and life into those three short years: she's traveled all over the US, lived in two different states and three different houses, is obsessed with dragons (the non-fire breathing sort), tells everyone she meets about how her dog Jake and Uncle Dale died (last summer) and that she's still sad, and that her car-seat helps her "get her bad dreams out." She's one cool kid.

V is nearly 6 (next month) and impresses us with her extensive vocabulary, love of bunny rabbits, and desire to travel more. She's learning to read, loves writing and drawing, and has become my little helper around the house. I'm grateful to have her alongside me as I approach this next round of having another baby.

And then the baby: I'm 30ish weeks and slowly preparing for baby, gathering bits of clothes and a safe place for sleep, like a mama bird making a nest. Time and two other kids has made me wiser to what I actually need to bring a baby home versus what our culture makes me feel like I need. I'm feeling all of the sensations of a growing babe: little fingers tickling my sides, knees tracking across my belly, and always feeling like I need a bathroom run. Midwives say this one is healthy and strong, and I can't wait to experience birth and unite face to face sometime in April.

As for me: once Kirk wraps up the EP early next week, we're switching gears, and I'll finish up revisions on my book. Sometimes we work at the same time, splitting our days and childcare. But the EP and finishing my book are two major projects necessitating complete focus. I'm both intimidated and ready to leap into this final stage of the process, before sending it off to agents.

And finally, travel: selling the Casita was a painful process for me, but a necessary one. I had this feeling that we needed to let it go to make room for something greater in our lives. And I may be speaking too soon (as I often do), but letting go is making space for something new to (possibly) enter our lives. We're gathering information and making sure we're ready for this undertaking. But it feels like it's meant to be, and I'm pretty stunned that this opportunity is coming our way. Hope to let you all know more about it soon!