6 Days....

20160706_195402 In 6 short days, my husband Kirk will be finished working at the hospital. For good (I hope.)

And in 6 days, the way we approach our work, our time, and our family will also change.

And if it wasn't for all of the legwork we began nearly 3 years ago, when I had my life-changing realization and we ran our marriage through the ringer, well we simply wouldn't be in this position today to change our work and our family's story.

My husband has always had music buried in his bones. Our lives together have been colored by the soundtrack of his songs and the timber of his guitar strings.

I wasn't always supportive of this. I wanted him to grow-up. And so he did.

As I tucked away my dreams for writing a book, he also set aside his music aspirations. We worked, we consumed our work, but it didn't fulfill. We began our family and realized that we lost our ability to communicate about dreams and living creatively to our girls because cowardice and fear had led us on a different path.

Last New Year's Eve, as we looked forward to 2016, we set big goals for my writing and his music. And we surpassed those goals beyond all of our expectations. And as early as December 2015, we dreamed of a day when Kirk could work part-time to have more free time to develop his music.

It wasn't just about the music though, but about having our precious time together as a family. For Kirk to have an active hand in raising his children, instead of just tucking them into bed at night with a story.

Of course, time is always against us, isn't it? We're in our early 30s and society tells us that we're too old to really accomplish much. But we've come this far, haven't we?

So next week starts a new chapter in which we will both chisel away at our goals for 2017, work on our passions, create a stronger family and home life, and jump off the mind-numbing treadmill of the 9-5 (or more like 9-7 plus Saturdays, as was the case with his hospital work.)

Nothing about this new direction has been easy, and we expect it to continue to challenge us. But this life wouldn't be worth living if we weren't willing to tackle the mountain, come what may.

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