On Changing Seasons

20161009_151923 Although it is an unseasonably warm 72 degrees today in Northern Indiana, we know not to get too comfortable. The weather here is fickle and there could just as easily be snow tomorrow.

More telling of the changing of seasons is that we'll be putting the Casita in storage for the winter very soon. The process of cleaning it out, blowing out the lines, and dropping it off at the storage unit reminds us that the traveling season is over, and it's time to settle in for a cozy winter.

Oddly enough, I'm actually looking forward to the snowy and dark season ahead. We spent the summer rushing from one activity and life-change to another: lots of travel, buying our house, hosting houseguests, and a flurry of activity over at Cohesive Home. Truth be told, a quieter season is in order to restore balance in our home.

It's tempting to continue the frenetic pace in winter, and I feel that urge even more so with the impending birth of our third next spring. But experience with past babies has prepared me to embrace a period of restfulness while pregnant.

And surely, this winter will still be full of activity: ice-skating and playing in the snow, hot chocolate and cookie making in a tiny, warm kitchen, quilting and sewing for the baby to keep my hands busy and heart content. We'll light our beeswax candles, gather evergreens and pinecones, and spin vintage classical and Christmas records on the player.

Living seasonally means turning an intentionally blind eye away from modern busy culture and choosing a slower pace in the season that calls for it. We can try to force a growing season and harvest year round or we can instead look joyfully toward a season for planting, a season for growing, a season for harvesting, and a season for rest.

Let's look forward to peace and lighter schedules this winter, shall we? And if you're intrigued by the idea of living seasonally, subscribe to the Cohesive Home podcast to catch the first episode of Season Two, which starts Friday, November 4th. In it, my co-host Melissa and I will discuss and share our tips for living seasonally, no matter where you live.

I would love to hear: what are your favorite winter activities? Share in the comments below!