Small Home Design: The Before Photos

20160503_093549When we first made an offer on our house several months ago, I began dreaming and planning the tiny rooms. How could we make room for all of our favorite activities in a house not much bigger than a studio apartment? Home is greater than the sum of the rooms or the sizes of them; these walls hold the collection of our memories being made as we interact in the space. In other words? We make our home, not the other way around. Size doesn't matter with the right perspective and willingness to apply ingenuity to designing a small house.

A few points about this house: it is designed like a square cut in fourths; the two bedrooms occupy the back two squares, and the living spaces are in the front. The living room is about 13'x15' and will need to serve many purposes: dining room, living room, library, homeschooling space, and playroom. Although we do have a large basement, we do not have plans at this time to finish it out for extra room.

Our lives expand to fill available space, and I am not in a rush to add more space to be filled to the brim. We'll find satisfaction in the small spaces available for the time being.

And a few more words on how we plan to design our home: I am not a designer, nor will I pretend to be. This writing space won't turn into a decorating blog either. I am, however, drawn to certain textiles, patterns, and types of furniture. We are trying to pay cash for everything we buy for this house, which admittedly is difficult. The challenge of working with what we have, while valuing what we can purchase is making the process of creating a home much more enjoyable. When the temptation to design a home that reflects the latest trends is cautiously ignored, the result is a home that feels more like us. At least that is the goal.

The Living Roomlivingroom1


The KitchenDSCF1339




The Hall Closet (View from Living Room)



Master Bedroom (which is actually the smaller of the two bedrooms)DSCF1317




View Down the Hallway from Our BedroomDSCF1320


Girls' Bedroom (Next to Bathroom)DSCF1332

DSCF1329 (1)



The Bathroom (In Its Original State)DSCF1334 (1)


And that is it; four rooms total, 675 square feet, and beautiful potential. As we work on the house, I'll add additional posts for the curious few. I have often searched the internet for other families living in small (but not tiny) homes, and it can be difficult to find other families choosing to live simply.