Casita Freedom Deluxe Camper Remodel Plans

IMAG6383Happy New Year, Friends! I'm currently battling pneumonia, so no big plans tonight besides some 2016 goal planning and dreaming about our upcoming year of travel. Since our poor Casita is in winter storage, and we're not currently traveling, I've spent some time planning how we're going to remodel it. It's actually in near perfect condition, so most of these updates will simply be cosmetic and to make it feel more like home.

Over the next two months, I will be:

  • Painting all of the cabinets and door fronts bright white. This will hopefully brighten the interior and help the cabinets blend in with the white fiberglass bases.
  • Finish building the gaucho/couch/girls' bed. We built the 73"x24" base, but are going to attach a second panel with hinges. During the day it'll be folded up to make the couch and at night we'll flip it over, put detachable legs on it, and create a sleeping surface that is 73"x48". We went back and forth on how to best create a bed for the girls, and we think this is it. I'll post an update on this once we're underway on it.
  • Remove the bathroom door and add a curtain/shower curtain panel. I really hate the idea of removing the door, but if the girls' bed is fully extended we won't be able to get into the bathroom at night. We'll see how this works out, but I think the loss of privacy will be worth the extra space.
  • Wallpaper the divider wall between the couch and the dinette. It's currently a light-colored veneered wood, and I'm looking forward to using a modern and bright print.
  • Add storage. I have a few ideas for covertly adding storage, but I'll have to cross that bridge once I get there.

Once I complete all of those updates, we can have some fun decorating. This is what I'm thinking (prepare yourself!)Casitamoodboard

So to address the elephant, er wombat in the room, yes, that is a pillow of a wombat's bottom. I'll blame that silly choice on Kirk. Most of these items are from Target or Cb2. We already own the orange herringbone print blanket on the right. The rug is Safavieh Amaganasett from Target. The print is for the wallpaper divider wall, and I found it on Spoonflower. It's playful, and I think the girls will love it. The blue solid throw pillows are also from Target and the gold one is from CB2, as is the mug. And finally, the wire/canvas basket is a Circo basket from Target.

I'm excited to see all of this come together very soon and to share the final results with you!

Here's hoping your New Year is bright and full of exciting promise for a year of adventure and dream-seeking.


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