Practicing Patience

Embrace living slowlyvalue Patience Impatience is a visible symptom of busyness, but not the cause. It often stems from dissatisfaction, and the remedy is actually acceptance of the situation. Do you struggle with patience like I do?

Most of my life I've fought the hard fight against impatience--slow drivers on the highway, bank tellers taking too long, employees and co-workers dragging their feet on projects, and much later, my children acting like, well children.

And really, can anyone blame you and I for being a tad bit impatient? It's socially acceptable, perhaps even admirable, to rush around and to be consumed with business and feigned importance.

But over the past few years I've embraced slowness.

Accepted that people will drive slowly and have become a bit of a cautious driver myself.

Relaxed my expectations of others and myself.

Embraced the way time dances around and slows for my children and not the other way around.

Today the girls and I went to IKEA, which is normally a very stressful and frustrating experience. But the store was empty, our perusing smooth, and check-out easy. The woman ringing me up noticed the girls running around me as I attempted to corral them.

"You sure are patient!" she said, surprised. "Even your voice is calm."

And it was.

I'm not always calm. I can be anxious, overbearing, and definitely impatient. But I am striving toward taking the slower route, to be calmer in my reactions to my children and others, and choose satisfaction over discontent in situations I cannot control.

So as you enter this holiday season, consciously choose patience and contentment, and I'll be striving to do the same.


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