The Best Laid Plans | A Streamlined Life June Update

image Hanging out at the beach, trips to the marina, hoofing it everywhere and trying new restaurants, stores, trails, you name it: we are loving the new place and loving the fun (ok, and sometimes stress) that comes with exploring and adapting to a new lifestyle. Although they both struggled with the big change initially, both girls are thriving in the fresh air and are crazy about all of the new sights and sounds of a northern beach town.

As many of you know, our plan has been (for at least 90% of the time; I do change my mind periodically, but have held fairly fast to this idea for about a year now) to live part of the year with my parents and spend the other half (3/4, whatever) traveling the US while Kirk takes contract speech pathology jobs. We've been hunting for an Airstream to call home because I am infatuated (obsessed?) with them, the quality is superb, they're just plain cool looking, and they really are a space we could visualize living in for months at a time. Within a few days of moving here, we even touched base with a sales rep at Airstream of Chicago and were flirting with the idea of committing. Eeek!

But...Kirk could not find that first travel SLP job. Nada. At least not without commuting 1.5-2 hours one way daily, which is just something we aren't willing to do. Although we have money in savings, we don't want to blow through that while he looks for the next job. He had two recruiters working to find something, but it just wasn't happening. We could have technically moved somewhere else for the first rotation, but he has to apply for his license in each state individually, which can take upwards of a month to process. While we were in OKC, he applied for a full-time permanent position at a research hospital up here. Really, it was simply meant to be the back-up plan. Well, he interviewed Thursday, and before we could even digest how it went, they sent over a contract and a really impressive offer.

What to do?

We discussed all day: our goals, short-term and long-term, our plans for the future, and our family mission statement. Kirk was really impressed with the facility and his possible role in it. And the offer was just too good to be true. How do you turn something like that down when there is nothing else remotely available?

So we are accepting that maybe God has another plan for us (for now.) My brother was also diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma recently, and so we are grateful to be here, for him. We plan to stay put for the next year, but to maintain our desire for adventure with lots of 3 day weekends, day hikes, and in general, exploring the myriad of outdoor opportunities that make up this area. No, it's not Airstreaming, but I also know that God has a direction in mind, and it might be something we simply cannot visualize now.

Coming up, I'll share what we've been up to over the past week.