We Sold Our House!

quartz11 It finally happened: we got a good offer on our house and signed a contract. We close May 29th, and we couldn't be more elated. Last year we began talking about this big change we hoped to make, and it is actually happening according to our plan. Kirk applied for a travel position opening at the hospital my mom works at. If he is offered the job, we may leave even sooner than the 29th, perhaps within the next week or two. We're realizing how much this journey is entirely out of our hands. We've prayed for this for the last year, and it is humbling to see things actually fall into place.

So what's next? Well, our first step is to downsize the things we own, only keeping the absolute essentials. We're keeping a few favorite pieces of furniture and basic household stuff. Otherwise, everything else is going! I started an online garage sale to sell and need to crosslist on Craigslist as well.

Then, we'll pack and move the rest of our things into my parents' house. They have offered us two of their bedrooms and a bathroom to use indefinitely. The space is located on the second floor, giving us some privacy as well. The girls are thrilled to move in with Mimi and Poppi and to live minutes from all their families AND the beach.

But the best part? We're going to buy a travel trailer once we move up there. We're looking for one that has bunk beds for the girls, bathroom/kitchen/living, and a separate bed for Kirk and I. We're leaning toward a Gulf Stream Amerilite Ultralite 198BH, which we can tow with our 4Runner. It's not as pretty as an Airstream, but we want to ease into camping and traveling with something lightweight that doesn't require us buying a huge truck. Plus, I'm really excited to redo and redecorate the interior to make it more modern and home-like. We plan to start camping on the weekends and then take a 3 month travel rotation to test out the "full-time" lifestyle. We'll be able to come and go from my parents' house and not have to worry about actually owning a house. For now at least.

Eventually we hope to have a perfect mix of owning a small house in our little beach town and traveling as often as we possibly can. Right now, it's hard to fathom that such a lifestyle is possible. But after the last year and even the past few days, I'm realizing that the first step toward reaching our dreams is to actually take action. Sounds so simplistic, but I truly do believe in the powerful combo of intention, prayer, and action.