House Selling (im)Patience | A Streamlined Life Update

image We listed our house a little over three weeks ago. In that time, two friends of mine have also listed and SOLD their houses. We have had lots of showings, a great open house, and several people who said they were "about to make an offer."

Truthfully, I've been putting off writing this update because I hoped that I would have better news by now of the "wow, we sold our house so fast!" variety. Sometimes it seems to me that God knows my heart and my weaknesses and uses these kinds of situations to strengthen me. I can be incredibly childish sometimes and wonder why things aren't happening on my timeline. As if I actually have control! Motherhood has helped me lessen my death grip on control, role with the punches (a tad bit better), and to be open to the possibilities of the unknown. But I still struggle with a lack of patience. image

In other news, V and I both have just a few more weeks of school left: preschool for her and my online university classes that I'm teaching. The mild and fair springtime weather has begun to bow out and scorching hot summer temperatures are soon to follow.

Sunday during our open house, we spent a few hours running around the city: lunch al fresco at a cafe, a quick stop by the OKC Memorial to recognize the 20th anniversary of the Murrah Federal building bombing, and hours of sun-drenched play at a neighborhood playground. V made friends with another 4 year old girl, and the two spent the afternoon spinning wildly in a tire swing, digging under rocks below a swaying oak tree for grubs and rolly-pollies, and giggling atop the play equipment in pretend play. It warms my heart to see her make friends so easily and to be open to new friendships. image

Fearless little C, who is now 15 months old, climbed all over the playground, hurled herself backwards down the twisting slide, and in general, danced with danger and shrieked with excitement the whole time. Afterward we headed home; Kirk and V played Frisbee in the neighbor's front yard with a few others, while C and I perched ourselves on the sidelines, enjoying a snack on the shaded front porch. The afternoon was the gentle nudge I needed to remember that living in the moment is the best antidote to impatience.