What Do Boston, Crossfit and Fear Have in Common?

image Imagine a time that you felt truly powerful and in complete control of your life. What was unique about the circumstances? If you're having a hard time pinpointing a time in your life without fear, uncertainty, and powerlessness, you're certainly not alone. The truth is that we all feel that way sometimes or even most of the time. I'm not sure exactly why it is,  but I do think many of us tend to get stuck in a specific pattern of living. These patterns become our normal, and the thought of change, something different, is completely fear inducing. But that's also why I think so many of us are attracted to stories about people traveling the world for a year with their kids, moving abroad to experience a new culture and take a dream job, living full-time in an RV with young kids or intentionally moving to Montana to practice minimalism.

We see those people as being game-changers, fear-chasers, dream-fulfillers.

We long for a tiny taste of a different life, a unique mindset, and a challenge to the conventional way. Let me be totally candid with you. I am fearful. Of a lot of things. And I can let those fears dictate my decision making. But I know that I also have the ability to conquer my fears, and I'm guessing that if I can, you can too. image

You see, five years ago, I moved to Boston--and Kirk stayed behind in Oklahoma to work on his grad degree--to complete a dream internship at the Museum of Fine Arts. In the months leading up to that big dream, I joined a Crossfit gym, completed insane workouts, and even climbed a 15 foot rope to the ceiling, something that I never even accomplished as an agile kid. Fear-squashing became intoxicating, and I put myself on the line for the internship in Boston. image But it didn't stop there. I lived the city life I dreamed of: taking public transportation everywhere, working out at Crossfit Fenway, exploring all of the neighborhoods on foot, catching a late night movie by myself. All things I was scared to do initially.

The truth is I thrived under the challenge of a new place and new experiences. And so can you.

This is not only a gentle reminder to you, but also myself. Five years later, the taste of the adventure has faded, and I am seeking it once more. I know that it would be all too easy to let that summer be my one adventure to look back fondly on. But I truly believe that the best is yet to come, and I know that adventure can come in family-size too, kids and all.

What has been your greatest adventure?