The Joy of Gatherings

image Early on in our marriage, Kirk and I figured out that throwing small parties was our thing. I tend to be a social introvert (if that makes sense), and while I love being in my home, it's nice to gather people in it. My husband, on the other hand, just about breaks the extrovert scale. He THRIVES in social gatherings and is energized by the melee of a raucous party. Throwing a party at our place is the recipe for our marriage happiness sandwich: half social interaction, half homey comfort, and a dash of renewing conversation. Plus, I can simply go to bed when I get tired and party boy can stay up enjoying the camaraderie.

So as you can imagine, we are no strangers to hosting cozy dinner parties and also love a good birthday bash for our kiddos. Pinterest worthy they are not, but creating a relaxing and comfortable environment for our friends and family is. We keep birthday parties classic and simple: plenty of homemade goodies and bites to nosh and a few creative touches to make the birthday person feel special. One of our parties even led to Kirk's brother meeting his future wife; recently I celebrated their anxiously anticipated first peanut by helping host their baby shower. A great party can truly be an act of love.

Have you ever thought about the way you express love to others? After (nearly) eight years of marriage, we love making others feel welcome through genuine connections. Whether it's a birthday party for our newly minted one year old or an Anchorman themed bash for Kirk's 30th birthday, a solid party is our love language. I'm sure if we got to know each other, you would be joining in on one of our parties in no time!

I think that's why we've pulled back some on the full-time Airstream thing. Love the idea of it and want to do it, but I do worry that we'll miss the connections we make by staying planted in one place. Of course, there could always be dinner parties and campfire gatherings on the road, but there is something special about the rhythm and cadence of our home parties. Perhaps part-time travel and part-time staying planted in one locale would be a magical mix, would it not?

In the meantime, pick up a copy of Shauna Niequist's "Bread and Wine." I heart this book so much and recommend it if you're a party-throwing, conversation-craving, food-sharing kinda person too.

How are you known for expressing your love to others? Any other party throwing people out there?