Chasing the Right Dreams

treeKirk and I have been in true dream mode for about a year now. Namely, this means that we've allowed ourselves to think bigger than our current situation and to imagine different routes we might take. I've certainly written about this process in the past, but I want to talk about something slightly different this time. What are you currently dreaming about and striving for? And how does it align with what you value most AND what you're actually good at?

One of the dreams that we've tossed around is traveling full-time with our kids in an Airstream or RV. We both have portable jobs, one of which would even provide a living stipend that would cover campground fees. Sounds like a perfect fit for us, doesn't it? At the surface level, we thought all systems were pointing to GO! But our dreaming has become deeper and narrower, leaving behind the wider, shallower exploring of our initial dream phase.

As an ISFJ (and sorry, I will probably bring that up....a lot,) I crave security and routine. I love to create an aesthetically pleasing home and to strive to meet the needs of others. Entertaining small groups (or even one on one) in my home is my thang. There is nothing that gives me more joy than listening to your story over a couple of cups of tea. My desire to travel is great, but my desire for a rooted home is even greater. My dream is to build a small, sustainable and low-maintenance home that frees us up to travel, often. Likewise, since we'll be living in a beach town, I hope to create a space for others to visit us, find relaxation, and perhaps even do a little dreaming of their own.

Thankfully, my husband feels the same way. His greatest desire is to create music. It certainly is possible on the road (a la Cody of Our Wandering Rhythm), but he hopes to work on local connections and build experience through familiar venues near our future home. Staying in one place, at least for the time being, meets both of our needs. Someday we hope to travel more extensively, maybe even full-time when the girls are older, but for now we will allow ourselves to graft to our local community.

We can still stay true to our values--simplicity, living in small spaces, traveling, connecting with and caring for others--while living in one place.

And that's what this all boils down to. You can have multiple dreams, but which one tugs at your heart, ignites your curiosity, and matches your innate personality and values? When your values in life align with a dream, therein lies your purpose.

What is your big dream?