Streamlined Life | An Update

Well, friends, we are officially in countdown mode as we prepare to move cross-country. Again. It seems hard to believe that this is all coming together relatively smoothly. Last May I told my husband that I wanted to leave Oklahoma by the end of May 2015. That day was completely arbitrary at the time, but it has become real. As in, we are listing our house in less than 6 weeks on April 1st with a projected late May closing. Inspired by our adventurous friends at Settled, who sold everything to move to Germany last May, we are also paring down our belongings to the essentials. It's really their fault that we've decided to do the same (minus the whole moving to Germany part.) This past weekend we painstakingly considered each book in our collection, saving only those that we cherish and will read again. The girls' toy collection was scrutinized and only the favorites were kept. As other parents know all too well, I'm sure, you can clean out all the toys in the house, and then like magic, more will arrive on your doorstep to fill the void. This will be an ongoing process.

Kirk has spoken with a contract company that will arrange his placement at a new facility once we move. I am currently planning to teach solely online, but that could possible change. My perspective on work, particularly my work, has been evolving, and I hope to share that here on the blog. Soon.

Much of my change in my perspective has to do with our work on the Upstream Field Guide by Tsh Oxenreider*. I'm really blown away by what we've discovered about ourselves, as New Agey as that probably sounds. It has shown us how little we understand who we are at our core. My guess is that many people struggle with the same thing: living the way society views them without consideration for what really matters to them.

More to come.

*As I've said before, I am not a blogging for money or accolades type of person. I write because it pleases me, and I like having a digital record of our journey. If I link to something it is because I actually really like it. That's all.