Imagining a Life Back Home

image In our search for a simpler life, we are examining and discussing different directions to take. Originally, we intended to pursue full-time RV travel. Although that is still on the table, we are also currently entertaining the idea of moving to the town my parents live in.

A small northern town, it is both minutes from the rolling sand dunes of Lake Michigan and centered around an old-fashioned, walkable downtown. The town is safe, small, and about an hour outside of Chicago. All of my family lives within twenty minutes of my parents and Kirk's brother and his wife (whom are also our best friends) live in Chicago. Expecting their first bambino, the close proximity would make weekly visits a real possibility.

We're dreaming about downsizing to a small apartment or loft-like studio, something with a smaller rent and footprint. Something that has little to no maintenance and simply provides a place for us to sleep and spend time together, while affording us the freedom to travel often. We are also discussing if buying a house should be on the table, but we are truly more interested in taking a break from the stresses and challenges of home ownership.

If we pursue this path, we are also considering me taking on more online work, while Kirk cuts back to working only 4 days per week. Our time together is so precious to us, and we rarely see each other now. Kirk working less would give me more time to work on my own writing projects, an opportunity that gives me much excitement.

We hope to make a final decision in the next month or so, with the intention of selling our house and moving at the end of May, according to our original plan.

This life is short, and we are never promised tomorrow, only today. We could spend our days trying to repair a lifestyle that is broken for us or cut our losses and move on. The ultimate goal with whatever decision we land on? To simplify, to live for our health and happiness, to build deep relationships, nurture our creative outlets, and travel our country as a family.