You Are An Artist

Minimalism is more than a movement to purge, downsize, and streamline. It is an effort to find the white space, the essential blank canvas on which all of us map out our lives. Art gives us the greatest example of this. Artists begin with a blank canvas or a chunk of stone and organically create something from nothing. Even artists who create works that seem chaotic and spontaneous, like Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock, are often intentional and grounded in their movements.

What does that mean for you or me? Our lives start as blank slates, but over time become crowded accumulations of forgotten ideas and material things. Could you literally wipe the slate clean? As an artist can paint over the canvas and begin anew, so can you. The greatest example of this is when God created the universe from chaos. And yet so many of us live in daily chaos with accumulated stress and regrets.

Similarly, our homes can benefit from this philosophy. With thoughtful decision making, the blank walls are carefully decorated with art, photos, and objects that resonate and add value. We choose furnishings that are practical and beautiful.

Our lives and our homes can be a form of art. Although I strive to reach this ideal, my life and my home is a work in progress.

In what ways are you crafting art from the chaos?