100 Things Challenge: Family Edition?

In the last two months we've had more items break on us than I can recall any other time. My faithful old MacBook needed a new trackpad and battery, our washing machine needed a new part, and our Samsung tablet won't turn on, period. And those are just the big items. As we trudge through our daily lives, clothes get stained, favorite teapots are broken, and our new (to us) 4Runner has a colorful pattern of crayon wax melted into one of the cubby holes.

It seems to me that the more we own, the more we have to lose.

Our steps to simplify over the years have totally improved our lives, but I definitely desire more simplicity. Living in a compact Airstream will require a radical simplicity, and I look forward to the challenge.

Have you heard of the 100 Things Challenge? The idea is to own 100 items or less. While I've never been the type to follow trends verbatim, I do think some self-imposed limits would help us further streamline.

The absolutely wonderful thing about full-time RV living is that we will be outdoors as much as possible. The kids will simply not need a plethora of toys because nature will be their playground. We won't need a ton of cookware because our entertaining will be of the grilling and basic plates variety. Clothing will be reduced to what's needed for about one week, and we just won't have the space for special occasion items.

Reducing what we own to the bare necessities will allow us, I hope, to focus on one another, God, and exploring this amazing country of ours.

And for that I will happily jettison the problems, the breakage, and the financial costs of too much stuff.