Our Game Plan (for now at least)


Here's the deal: I actually felt slightly terrified to put a game plan in writing on the Internet, for our major viewership (ha!) to see. What if it doesn't work out? What if we decide to take a different route? Life can change quickly, so I'm making a plan, while welcoming changes if it's for the best of our family.

So without further adieu, here is our super awesome (and intimidating) plan for a Streamlined Life:

We might just need to have a purple floor, like this brand spanking new Airstream has, in our future rehabbed trailer. Or not.

Stage One

  • Build up our savings and pay off credit card debt
  • Sell the majority of our things, retaining a few of our favorite pieces of furniture and other household items for the future
  • Sell our house in Oklahoma, hopefully taking advantage of the current seller's market and high demand for houses in our neighborhood
  • Have several panic attacks and second guess our decision (first rule of making crazy life changes: know thyself)
  • Pack what's left of our belongings in a small, moving trailer hitched to our 4runner and move to Indiana

Stage Two

  • Move in with Kate's parents for 3-4 months while prepping the Airstream
  • Locate a suitable vintage trailer and have a Michigan Airstream renovation company gut remodel it for us to make it more homelike and suited to our needs (Note: this could always change, so don't hold us to it!)
  • Enjoy an Indiana summer on Lake Michigan and spend time with familyLooking forward to enjoying sunsets over Lake Michigan


  • Plan to take first travel rotation late summer/early fall 2015
  • Ideally, head west!