Mise en Place

messylivingroom Mise en place is a french term that means everything has its place. It's viewed as much more than that by its followers, and is rather a lifestyle guide or philosophy.

Although I remember this term from my undergraduate days stumbling through French class, I came across it again recently in an NPR article, which talked about how chefs use the term to describe the way in which everything has a precise place in the kitchen.

Reading about it got my wheels turning. What if we applied mise en place to not only our kitchen, but our lives? Could this philosophy inspire simpler living and a calmer home? It might help us avoid all of the disorganization mistakes we make: bills that we forget to pay, using and washing too many dishes, and washing clothes that weren't actually dirty to begin with. Sound familiar to anyone?

As we prepare our lives for the big move next spring, we will be using mise en place to cull our belongings and organize what belongs. It is my goal that by January 2015 only the essentials will remain in our home, nothing less nothing more.