making this home in OKC

After several years of place-hopping and cross-country moves, we settled into our first purchased home ten days before Christmas in 2012. I wrote about the anticipation and excitement of our new home in the past. And friends, let me tell you that this home has not disappointed.  We're infatuated with our neighborhood, which is nestled in the heart of OKC and has introduced us to small city life. We've marked this home as ours with new paint and decorating, and we've claimed the backyard with its three large raised garden beds. And this home is the only one that our newest baby girl has ever known, an unfulfilled desire that unfortunately our oldest never experienced. Bringing her home to this house felt so right and confirmed that moving back to OKC in 2012 was the right decision. So here we are, roots placed and all. Sure, I sometimes miss my family and feel the temptation to pull anchor and run north. But the sweetness of this simple family life in a small city we love always pulls me back.

And Oklahoma City? You may not be cosmopolitan like NYC or walkable like Boston, but you wooed us with your friendly charm and desire to be bigger and better. We're jumping on that bandwagon and committed to living a local life, one that supports the hearts and hands that make this city great.

Two years, two new jobs, and one new baby later, I'm so grateful we moved back to Oklahoma City.