Random musing about the last few months

I realized today that I have not posted anything new in approximately 6 months. The reality is that I know that very few people actually read my random musings, and so I do not feel obligated to write like other bloggers. It is relieving to write when I feel like it, about what I please, in whatever manner suits me. I'm selfish, I know, but aren't we all to an extent? But there are a few ideas rumbling around my head. First, I've noticed that several of my favorite minimalist bloggers have taken a step down from radical Minimalism to embracing simplicity and comfort. At first I was a bit surprised, but understand their reasoning. Minimalism is like a moth, drawing unsuspecting over-consumers to the altar of zen living. And it is appealing, the notion of having very little belongings, very little financial responsibility, and very little commitment to this world. I am a Christian, and I do feel called to reject the consumer lifestyle I see idolized around me.

But on the other hand, the ability to seek comfort (in moderation), is a blessing. It is nice to have nice things, even if they are hand-me-downs, thrifted, or hardly fashionable. I think we have minimized our household as much as we feel comfortable, and the items that remain are loved, cherished, and welcoming. Our closets are mostly half-empty, and we have entire drawers/cabinets/shelves that are empty. By American standards we're weird, and yet we're not super "minimalist." And I'm fine with that. I'm also grateful for a husband that also reins in my desire to rabidly chuck all of our stuff whenever I feel life spinning out of control. Because let's be honest, if I was single and without kids, I would probably live in a little micro-apartment with 1 pair of jeans and a spork. Just saying.

In other non-minimizing news, I'm roughly halfway through my pregnancy with #2. This one has completely surprised me with how quickly it is passing, and yet, I'm ok with that. My daughter is 2.5 now, and watching her grow and change has been one of my greatest pleasures. But I cannot wait to see how the two will interact and become "siblings." As I've mentioned before, our house sometimes feels "too big" and I think having another living, breathing, laughing, playing person here will make this humble place feel just right.

And on the house front: we're still working on it and will be for the next several (ahem, decade) years. Sometimes I crack out on pinterest and Apartment Therapy and barrage my husband with a list of DIY projects: new countertops, stencil the walls (something totally modern and hip, of course!), and surely the bathroom needs to be redone? Sometimes I think the poor man is strangling me with his eyes and saying yes with his lips. God love him. So things are slooooooooooooow now. We've painted almost every room, except ours and the bathroom. The hubster is in the process of refinishing a credenza I found on Craigslist, and we've recently moved our daughter into her own freshly painted bedroom. It's hard not to compare our home to others (especially when I have friends who give Martha a run for her millions), but this is OUR HOME and we love it.

Alright friends, enough of my rambles. Hope you're having a lovely week.