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Aspire to You


Let’s Aspire to Be the Most Connected + Joyful Version of YOU

A 6 week immersive experience + community for overwhelmed moms seeking more

You’re in the right place…

As a busy mom, you know that every moment, every day matters. The messy home and the chaotic schedule are wearing you down and stealing your joy. Who would’ve thought motherhood would feel like being a glorified taxi driver, housecleaner, chef, and babysitter rolled into one?

You want to feel connected to your kiddos and your home, to feel the joy of living out your purpose as a mother fully, but sometimes it’s hard to simply get through each day without feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and exceptionally lonely.

You have dreams for yourself and your family. You can see them so clearly sometimes when you have a quiet moment to yourself or when you think “is this all there is?” But how will you ever accomplish your own goals and dreams when the struggle in motherhood is SO REAL?

Aspire to You is a 1:1 coaching program with a built-in community of like-minded moms, interactive webinar and Q&A opportunies, and unlimited email support from Life Coach for Women and Certified Simplicity Parenting Life Coach Kate Saffle. This program is unlike anything else out there for overwhelmed women because we get to the root of the chaos in your home and life, connect your deepest values to new habits and daily routines, and design you a road map for living your unique purpose and calling as a mom.

Are you ready for more from life?

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You belong here If:

  • You’re ready to take action, adopt a positive mindset, and create new habits

  • You’re tired of trying to make all of these changes to your home and life on your own

  • You desire a tribe of like-minded mamas to hold you accountable and support you in your struggles

  • You know your values, your dreams, and your goals matter deeply and you want help to weave them into your daily life

  • You understand that investing in yourself and well-being helps you be a joyful, more engaged parent, leading to a happier family and home life

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waking up every day with clarity and confidence to conquer your day

parenting from a deep sense of peace and connection

devoting time each day to making that dream of yours a reality

calling on a tribe of supportive + caring mamas who know and get you

developing the mindset and strength to overcome any problems, setbacks, and disappointments you face in motherhood and life

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Kate not only helped me reconnect to my values for my family, but even more so my personal values as a woman and a human being. Not only was Kate gentle and kind but also gave me the reality check I needed to build healthy expectations for ALL that I want to do and be. Her action steps and tools helped me regain my confidence in pursuing all the things. I’m a healthier, more grounded, more focused momma thanks to Kate Saffle.” —Megan, coaching client



Four 1:1 hour long coaching sessions with Kate to dig deep into your needs, values, goals to create a targeted plan for your days and future


Two LIVE group coaching sessions to learn mindset techniques and habit shifts along with your new gal pals PLUS time to ask ALL of your questions


Private Facebook group for our small group of women so that we can support each other, ask questions, and share the struggle in real time

 Why Aspire to You?

This is the most comprehensive + supportive coaching program for moms. You aren’t just another person to fill a spot, but are truly loved for who you are and your unique contribution to our community. Your growth and happiness are the top priorities of this program, and I guarantee that after 6 weeks in Aspire to You, you will have a greater sense of control over your days, more peace + connection in your relationships, and a renewed commitment to living with greater purpose and accomplishing your goals.

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    Join me!

    It would be my absolute honor to coach and encourage you in overcoming overwhelm and accomplishing your dreams. I believe so strongly that anything is possible, even in motherhood. This community and coaching program is everything I wish I had 5 years ago, and I’ve designed it with YOU in mind.

    If you’re ready to conquer the chaos in your days and find lasting peace, join me now.

    With you on the journey,