A Tale About a Tiny House, a Travel Trailer, and a Family that Lives Fully


Hi, I’m Kate and that’s my more muscular other half, Kirk. We’re kinda different and on a decidedly unusual path. Ready for this?

We sold our house in Oklahoma City in May 2015.

We moved cross-country to northern Indiana to be beach bums by Lake Michigan.

All of our belongings fit in one very tiny 6’x12′ Uhaul trailer that we pulled with our Toyota 4Runner.

Not content to stay still, we bought a Casita Freedom Deluxe travel trailer in September 2015.

Then we thought we would go REALLY weird, and we bought a 675 square foot house for our family of 4.

We celebrated our purchase by skipping town and spent most of the next month traveling the country, from Michigan to Yosemite National Park. Oh, and while the house was being renovated.

Now we’re trying to figure out how to balance our crazy wanderlust, some big dreams, and trying to be somewhat normal for our 5 and 2 year old daughters. I think it’s a lost cause.


We recently sold our 2013 Casita and are on the hunt for a new travel trailer. We’re slowing our roll though as we anxiously await the arrival of our newest little adventurer in late spring 2017.

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See you on the road,


2 thoughts on “A Tale About a Tiny House, a Travel Trailer, and a Family that Lives Fully

  1. Kate! I came to your blog through the Risenhoovers, who are good friends of mine. We have so much in common! I teach online for two universities. My husband is looking for a “portable” job so we can follow our dream of buying a motorhome and traveling the country. Hope we can meet up sometime – maybe on the road!

    1. Hey Megan, small world! Brandon and Melissa have been such an inspiration to us to live the life we want to…now! We would love to meet up with you sometime too, and I’m glad we’re not the only ones with such a “crazy” idea. Do you have a blog? Keep us in the loop and hope to hear more from you!

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