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I’m Kate Saffle, and I coach women to overcome daily overwhelm and create a happier home and future.

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oh friend,

I know you’re overwhelmed by the weight of raising a family, your work, and all of the stuff in your home and on your schedule. You feel stuck in the daily chaos and time to think about your own dreams and goals? PLEASE.

I’ve got the tools to help you break free from the cycle of negativity and overwhelm into a life of dream-conquering, values-living, and daily happiness in ALL the roles you carry.

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I’m a mama to three kiddos, and believe me, I’ve felt completely flat-lined by motherhood more often than not. 9 years ago I became a mom and fumbled my way through everyday. I cannot tell you how much I craved something better for my myself and my family. I had BIG DREAMS but no way to actually accomplish them. I sought better for my family, and I’m here to share my method with you.

Now I’m a certified Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and Life Coach for Women, and my life calling is to help overwhelmed women find peace at home, confidence in themselves, and a clear path to accomplishing their dreams and goals. Click to the right to find out more about my work.

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 I felt like she was really hearing me, both the reality of my situation and the cry of my heart.  Then, she took all that I said and was able to help me turn it into practical steps I could take to change my life. I now joke "be careful what you wish for!" because my life is so full. Good full.  My kids deserve a happy mother. They've got one now and as a result, the whole family is thriving too! 

— Lael B.

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Weekly episodes full of encouragement and support, but short enough that you can actually finish an episode before naptime ends. Stick me in your earbuds when you’re in the carpool line or wishing someone else would take over dinner duty; I’ve got you. Get the tips, tricks, and support you need to love being a mama AND feel like yourself again.

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