We Moved Out of Our Travel Trailer and Into a House: Here’s What We’ve Experienced So Far.

In March we moved out of our 26′ Lance 2185 travel trailer, our home over the past year, and into a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom house with a fenced backyard, large closets, and bevy of luxurious appliances.

We left behind 2 minute showers, working in the dark at night to avoid waking the kids, waking up in the morning to no heat because we ran out of propane, and ever changing backyards.

Why we decided to move out of the travel trailer

February was a rough month for us. For some, it’s the month of love, but in our family it was a month of turbulence and uncertainty. The weather had been brutally and unusually cold for the past couple of months and road life was losing its luster.

Kirk and I found our fights increasing in intensity, and upon closer inspection, seemed triggered by the close quarters. This hadn’t been an issue when we were traveling full-time, but once we settled back in Oklahoma, the walls began closing in.

Part of that, I’m sure, was perception. Our lifestyle was losing its appeal if it didn’t include new destinations, adventuring together, and warm weather. I was struggling with our family identity. We were technically no longer a “travel family”, but were still living like one. Yet, the thought of ending that chapter was overwhelming. Were we really ready to “settle” down again? I wasn’t ready to mentally commit, so we continued living in the Lance. Until the weekend that everything came to a head….

We began looking for rental houses

It was a wet and cold weekend, and we were fighting over what do do about the situation. Again. After some counsel from my parents, we began looking at rental houses THAT DAY. For some people that may have seemed like rushing, but we made the decision that our relationship and the health of our family dynamic is far more important than the nuances of whether or not we’re ready to be more settled.

Like it or not, it was simply time.

We toured a few possible contenders, almost put down a deposit on one, and then found the house. The landlord is the loveliest person, the home was immaculate, not too big, and priced just right. We have no intention of buying a house anytime soon, but this was a house we would’ve purchased.

We began moving in mid-March

The kids and I went to Indiana to collect all of our belongings from my parents’ house (where we stored them while traveling), and Kirk flew up at the end of the week to help me drive them home.

We’re still getting settled and adjusted to being in a house, and the kids think it’s huge. 😉

What it’s like being in a house after traveling full-time in an RV for a year

Honestly, it’s been incredibly nice. We’re enjoying having the extra space, a washer and dryer, a dishwasher (seriously, life-changing), and a fenced backyard that the kids can safely play in.

We own very little furniture, so we’ve got a hodgepodge of pieces. I do feel this reluctance to invest in new items yet, until we see how this lifestyle change shakes out.

The kids miss us being all so close, and in some ways, I miss that too. There is something so elemental about hearing your children’s steady breathing at night, feeling the gentle sway of the travel trailer as they nestle in their beds.

I both do and don’t miss being so enmeshed in nature. Seeing the stars blazing above my bed at night is a memory I’ll never forget. Waking up shivering because we ran out of propane, again, is one I can do without. My kids have struggled with being back in a city and having less freedom, but they’re adjusting.

We still dream of living in the woods in the Berkshires and running free again. Maybe someday.

Life is such an adventure

I’ve accepted and even relish that we are adventurers and have created a life that is full, beautifully intentional, and full of plenty of bends in the road.

Stability used to seem like the ultimate end-goal, but honestly, I much prefer the twists and turns of the journey with my family by my side.

Our lifestyle has made us so much more resilient, so much closer to one another, and more in tune with our personal needs. Whether we live in a house or a travel trailer, whether we’re moving around the country or this is the last move we ever make, we’ve created our home amongst one another. The home is not the plant’s container, but the roots we’ve grown and strengthened into one another. Home is us, the growth, the journey, and the beauty of this intentional life together.

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