We Ditched Our RV Mattresses and Why You Should Too

**this post may contain affiliate links and was written in conjunction with Home of Wool. All opinions are my own.

When we began living in our Lance 2285 travel trailer full-time in spring 2018, I noted a few changes I wanted to do to make it feel more like home. The dated, brown and beige interior had to be updated along with some fun decor updates like upholstery, pillows, and bedding. But the biggest change we wanted to make?

New mattresses.

Our Journey into Healthy (and Chemical-Free) Mattress Land

Years ago, when I was pregnant with our oldest, I had stumbled upon a blog post about flame retardants. Holy moly, did that freak me out! In case you are totally unaware, conventional mattresses (like the ones you get at a mattress store) are full of toxic chemicals.

As a pregnant mama, I was trying so hard to eat healthy and use beauty products that were natural and chemical free. We had ditched all of the heavy scent-laden cleaning products for natural ones, like Branch Basics and vinegar and baking soda, and I was eating as many organic fruits and veggies as I could afford.

I thought we were doing pretty well, until I read that dang blog post about toxic flame retardants. You can read more about it here or simply google it. You can find out a lot more than I can write here, so do your research!

In 2010, we replaced our conventional foam mattress with an organic cotton mattress. We loved it and eventually gave it to our daughters to share as their mattress. This meant we were in the market for another natural mattress, and we stumbled upon Home of Wool.

I was immediately smitten with their beautifully hand-crafted wool mattresses covered in natural fabrics such as linen and cotton. It was a leap of faith to order a mattress sight unseen from Bulgaria, but it was definitely love at first sight when it arrived.

It felt firmer than other mattresses we had had in the past, but I actually prefer that as it helped with my back pain. I also love how the wool adapts to your body temperature, so it never feels to warm or cold in bed, but just right.

We loved it so much that when we found out I was pregnant with kiddo #3, my mama gifted us one of their crib mattresses. We were all set, until we hit the road.

Why We Ditched the RV Mattresses

When we hit the road, we got rid of the queen foam mattress that came with our RV and switched in our Home of Wool wool shikibuton. The camper has triple bunks, but since they are a custom size, we were stuck using the standard foam mattresses. I hated that, especially knowing that my growing and developing kiddos were sleeping on them for 10+ hours a night.

We feed our kids healthy foods, protect them from other chemicals in their environment, and take other measures to support their immune system, so why would we allow them to sleep on something so toxic?

And if you’ve never slept on an RV mattress, just know that they are typically quite thin and something like a cheap slab of foam on top of cardboard and covered in vinyl (which is also quite toxic). Our kids were sleeping terribly on them, which meant we also weren’t sleeping. The RV foam mattresses are all sorts of wrong, and I was so ready to get them out of our camper!

We were finally able to replace the kids’ bunk mattresses in our Lance 2185 this fall, courtesy of Home of Wool, and our kids have never slept better. When the mattresses arrived, they smelled pleasantly of a farm, which is the natural smell of the wool. The mattresses themselves were handmade, tufted, and have pleated edges. They are just absolutely beautiful!

The best part? My kids love them and sleep so well on them, and I also sleep well knowing my kiddos are safe. It’s kinda a win-win, in my parenting book.

How to get custom wool mattresses for your RV or tiny house

Before I bought our original wool mattresses, I did a fair amount of research. I wanted high quality, chemical-free, and spring-free mattresses for our home. It was also important to me to work with a company that could answer all of my questions and help me order exactly what I needed.

If you’re looking for custom size mattresses for your RV, travel trailer, tiny home, or even need cushions or pillows, Home of Wool is my favorite company to work with. Rosica, the founder, is a mama and is so passionate about creating healthy home environments. She shared so much about why a healthy home is crucial in our interview on the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast, and I love supporting another business-running mother.

You can find Home of Wool on Etsy and on their website as well as on Instagram. Use code “thestreamlinedlife5” to get an additional 5% off plus free shipping worldwide. Happy sleeping!
Would you ever try a wool mattress?


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