Part Three | Moving Cross-Country

This is the final installment in our eventful cross-country move. If you missed the first two posts, you can find Part One here and Part Two here. Thanks for reading!

We slept in until about 8am on Saturday morning. Our original plan had been to hit the road at the crack of dawn, but truthfully, we were completely burned out from the day before. After hitting the breakfast buffet at the hotel, we got on the road. As we drove into St. Louis, we noticed a sign that said something about I-55 N being closed. Of course, we passed it so quickly that we didn’t catch the detour option and quickly ran right into traffic moving at a tortoise crawl right outside of downtown.


We finagled our way through the rerouted path and made our way back onto I-55 N near the Illinois border. The whole incident lost us about an additional 30 minutes, but we were just grateful to be moving at a steady clip again. After a quickish stop in Collinsville for coffee and chocolate covered almonds from Starbucks, we drove straight for the next several hours. One more stop for gas and a potty break, and we found ourselves about an hour from Joliet, Illinois.


We were getting so close! Joliet is about an hour or so from our final destination, and seeing the signs for Chicago got us really excited and a little silly.

image image

As we passed through Joliet, we saw the most amazing sight (to us, of course): Airstream of Chicago!


God Bless America, home of the brave and the Airstream! And then finally, the sign for Indiana, or as our oldest calls it, the rainbow sign:


We arrived in Northern Indiana around 3:30pm in the afternoon and found Kirk’s brother and his wife waiting for us. The rest of the evening was spent moving our things into my parent’s house and trying to get settled. Over the past week since we moved here, we are begun to acclimate and feel a bit more settled. All of the pressure, worry, and planning from the last year or so has melted away, and we are now focused on relaxing, building better health, and planning our next step.



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