Review: 1969 Airstream International Overlander 27


Earlier this evening we drove about thirty minutes outside Oklahoma City to check out an 1969 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht. As I mentioned in my last post, one of Kirk’s patients is selling it, and we wanted to get a feel for the vintage route.


When we pulled up, we could immediately tell it hadn’t been used in years. Rusted tire wells and unpolished aluminum graced the exterior, but you could tell it was still a beautiful, sturdy trailer beneath the old exterior.


Pros: The interior felt roomy and much larger than the newer ones, despite being 27 feet. I think this was the first year of the slightly wider body frame, and we could feel the difference. Besides the size, the layout was smart: living/kitchen in the front, bedroom and lots of storage in the center, and a spacious bath with bathtub in the back. We could see why people love these older ladies.


Everything was original except for the floor, which had been replaced with hardwood. Everything was built so well; I can’t imagine a newer box trailer lasting nearly that long. In the center, the gaucho bed had been permanently altered to fit a queen mattress.


Cons: Well, it was old and in really bad shape. There was a leak in the kitchen ceiling, which looked like it originated from a fan above. The air conditioner needed to be replaced, the oven and fridge questionable. Well, actually let’s just say everything probably needed to be replaced, including tires and axles.


Kirk even found a scorpion and a wolf spider in one of the drawers. Whoever owns this trailer next will have to contend with the native residents.

So, our tour of this old Airstream was a pretty neat experience, but reminded us why we’re selling our old house. We don’t mind preventative maintenance, but we do mind needing to overhaul the entire thing to make it even livable. We’re kind of kicking ourselves for passing up that Airstream Safari Bunkhouse we looked at last summer, but we just weren’t ready to buy yet. Who knows, maybe another one will cross our path.


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