There are days where I pine for more. More clothes, better furniture, and nicer decor. But most days I crave less. You know those days where toys are scattered across the floor like the ground after a hail storm? The days where you hunt the kitchen for a clean rag to wash a coffee mug because all of the dishes and kitchen linens are currently occupied? Or the day where something else breaks in your house, there is a new scratch in your car, and your cell phone randomly shuts down when you need it most?

Those are the days that remind me why I seek minimalism in my life.

My version of minimalism is far from the sparse, modern, decor of the same name. I own more than 100 items, and sometimes I accidentally buy duplicates. But after four years of gently steering the family ship toward a more minimalist home and life, I’m enjoying the joys and freedoms that are the natural outcome of the lifestyle. Closing on our house soon and taking a break from home ownership feels right, almost necessary. I’m ready to lessen our responsibilities and shift the focus to our dreams and desires.

Because, honestly? That’s the whole point behind minimalism. The goal is not to prove that you can live with less, but to prove that having more isn’t the road the happiness. The goal is finding a deeper contentment that abides in a simple, honest, uncomplicated life. To free up hours spent on shopping, maintaining, and pinning stuff and instead use those hours to pursue passions. We all have 168 hours in a week; the more time I have to devote to my family, to deepening my faith, and developing my writing practice, the greater is the joy and contentment I experience.

In the coming months as we transition out of home ownership into (near) vagabond status, I will write more on how we practice minimalism with kids, our developing capsule wardrobes, and other thoughts on living a simple life that honors our values and cultivates dreams.

Please share: what practices help you create a life worthy of your values and dreams?

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