Celebrating the Middle and an Update


Hi friends,

As I drove to pick up Kirk from work today–after working on our house all day (ok, truthfully, all day every day for weeks now)–I thought about how sometimes we can mistake the middle of our journey for stagnation. As if growth and success are only measured by the end result: a new career, new things, having children or even seeing them off to adulthood. We can focus solely on the imagined end outcome, but completely miss the joy of the middle.


Where are you in your journey? Do you only have eyes for the end? Take a moment today to simply enjoy where you are. Your journey is like a good book, and that juicy ending cannot happen without the plot-building middle of the book. So, my friends, build the plot of your lives and savor the journey.


And for a quick update: we are about to list our house! A photographer came and took a bunch of great photos of our place tonight. The photos in this post are just ones I’ve taken as we’ve worked on it the past few weeks. Praying that we get lots of interest and a good offer that allows us to move sooner rather than later! It almost seems surreal that we’ve reached this point in the process. We’re not where we want to be quite yet, but I tell ya, the middle of this journey is pretty sweet too.


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