One Month Update: Being a One Car Family


So my title is a bit misleading because it’s been more like 6 weeks, but holidays and being sick have kept me away from writing.

So here we are, officially about to wrap up our second month with one family car. The weather here has been cold and rainy, so things have looked slightly different than what we hoped. Here’s how it has turned out:

Daily grind: most days I’ve been driving Kirk to work, dropping off Vivi at preschool, picking her up again at 11:30, then Kirk again around 4pm. When the weather is nicer he’ll bike, omitting that whole portion of the daily loop.

The biggest issue (and I use that loosely as you’ll understand when you read below) is that I’m doing a lot of driving right now. I spent a good two hours of my day in the car. Other than that, I suppose we’re filling up with gas more often, but still spending less than when we had two cars.

This has also given me a taste of the “soccer mom” lifestyle, where moms drive their kids all over town as a glorified chauffeur. While I do feel that way on some particular drive-heavy days, it has also encouraged some reflection on how we want to live our days. More on that later.

I love chatting with Kirk on the way to his work. We use this time to drink coffee, catch up, and prepare for the day ahead. If we can’t do all that at home, this is a great option. I’m usually pretty bummed dropping him off everyday and that has inspired conversations about how he could work less. I’ll be writing a future post about this, so stay tuned.

Our insurance premium dropped about $40/mo, which covers a tank of gas. The cost of gas right now is super cheap (like nearly as cheap as when I was in high school 15 years ago) making driving more affordable.

I’ve gotten some much needed maintenance done on the 4Runner, and it felt great knowing I only had to do that for one vehicle. Previously I felt like I was doing a poor job taking care of two vehicles, but now I only have one to worry about. It’s wonderful.

Finally, I can’t say 100%, but I’m feeling more strongly about homeschooling our kids. I don’t love spending important quality time in the car or waking them up every morning before they’re truly ready. The days we’ve had home on Christmas break have been memorable and enjoyable. I’m not sure I can drop the kids off at all day school 5 days a week. Spending more time driving, as a one car family, oddly enough has shown me that. And for that little nugget of insight, I am grateful.

I’ll keep you updated. We hope that wherever we move we can live somewhere walkable/bikeable so that we can continue this lifestyle.

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