Why Small Houses Matter

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”

-Leonardo da Vinci

Over two months after closing on our first home, I totally don’t regret buying a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home that clocks in at 1296 square feet. In fact, I love it and sometimes, believe it or not, wish it was even smaller.

When we were house shopping, we spent a decent amount of time debating the merits of a 2 bedroom vs. 3 (or more) bedroom house. And while we wouldn’t have walked away from a 3 bedroom house that we loved, a 2 bedder seemed a better fit for us, for the following reasons:

  • we’re hot on minimalism, so the less places to hoard crap, the better.
  • We only plan (plan being the operative word) on having one more kiddo, and seriously peeps, they can share a bedroom. In fact, the hubs and I have a third roommate right now (aka our 2 year old daughter.) I affectionately call it sharing the family bedroom.
  • In our experience, 3rd bedrooms end up being junk rooms or the catchall “guest/office/craft/whatever” room. Cutting back to only 2 keeps that from happening.
  • We’ve lessened our environmental load: less fossil fuels used to heat/cool/light and provide water to our home.
  • I hate cleaning and love that I can pretty much clean this entire house in an hour. Having only one bathroom helps with that.

And as we shed more junk, empty our closets, reevaluate our priorities, a big home just doesn’t make sense. Why would we want some beast of a place requiring more maintenance, more of our time, and more of our (super precious) financial resources?

I grew up in a small home myself, and while we had our complaints about it from time to time, I loved it. It was cozy, we spent time together as a family (and not huddled up in separate rooms), and money was spent on experiences not the trendiest furnishings and gadgets.

And that’s really what this is all about. Desiring a place to call home that doesn’t own us, doesn’t call the shots, and make us regret every dime we shovel into it. This home may be small, compared to some, but it shelters our family, will watch our children as they grow, and provide a safe home base.







3 thoughts on “Why Small Houses Matter

  1. I too grew up in a smaller home and loved it, today I have downsized my life into a studio apartment and realize that I could have gone even smaller. The best thing about my life right now is by downsizing I can clean the entire home in a short time, have time for all the other things I want to do and I have a beach right across the street. Why do I need a large home when nature is all around me when I step outside.


    1. Completely agree! Our long-term dream, when our kids are grown, is to have a small studio or 1 bedroom place in a more urban area or even by the beach, like you. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. We’ve always chosen to live in a smaller place and have never regretted that decision. Our two little girls share a bedroom and we have a lovely living room that serves all sorts of purposes. We love spending time together, all together, and living in a smaller space forces us to be more intentional about our stuff. Always a good thing.

    Loved persuing your blog, I’ll be back. =)


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